Beehive Central

Q. What is Oracle Beehive Central?

Oracle Beehive Central is a Web-based client that provides Oracle Beehive users a central location to:

Q. How can I access Oracle Beehive Central?

Oracle Beehive Central provides a public home page and a private home page. All users within an Oracle Beehive deployment can access and view the Oracle Beehive Central public home page. To access and view the private home page, users must provide credentials for authentication.

To access Oracle Beehive Central:

Q. How do I access Beehive user preferences?

To access user preferences, from the Beehive Central Home page, click Beehive Clients on the top menu bar, and select Beehive User Preferences.

Q. How do I add delegates/grant permissions to my workspace?

To add delegates:

Q. How do I add users/set permissions for sharing my workspace?

To add a shared user: