Beehive Extensions for Outlook (OBEO)

NOTE:Personal Email is not stored on BeehiveOnline so the Personal Workspace inbox will be empty. The INBOX contained within the Workspaces may have emails and these can be browsed and opened with OBEO

Q. What is Oracle Beehive Extensions for Outlook?

Oracle Beehive Extensions for Outlook provides a more collaborative environment within Outlook's integrated e-mail, calendar, contact, and task-based functionality. Using Oracle's robust collaboration features, you can easily save, organize, find, and share your project content.
Through Oracle Beehive Extensions for Outlook, you can access Oracle Beehive team and personal workspaces, folders and documents remotely. If you like to access e-mail from your phone, you can even configure your mobile device to receive notifications sent to your Oracle Beehive Extensions for Outlook account.

Q.How do I create a new profile in Oracle Beehive Extensions for Outlook to allow me to access BeehiveOnline?

Outlook relies on Profiles to manage access to email services and to access BeehiveOnline a new one will have to be created. to do this follow these steps:

1. Open the Control Panel and click on the Mail icon.

2. Select to Show Profiles...

3. Click Add... to Add a new Profile

4. Enter a name for the New Profile and Click OK.

5. Click to manually configure the Profile - DO not accept the defaults. Click Next>.

6. Click the Other radio button and select the Oracle Beehive Extensions for Outlook. Click Next>

7. Enter the details for the new connection. Server is "" - make sure the ssl is checked. Add your username and password. Check the Remember Server password if required.

8. Once you have added all the details click Check Name... This will validate thatb the server, username and password are correct. If correct the username is underlined and the extra fields Display Name etc. are filled in. if this is OK then click Next>

9. You have created a new profile. Click OK on this screen and the Profile screen to leave the configuration.

10. Make sure Outlook is set to "Prompt for a profile to be used" ( see the diosplay on step 4) and then start Outlook. Select the BeehiveOnlien profile and you are done.

Q. How do I create Workspaces in Oracle Beehive Extensions for Outlook?

1. From the Tools menu, select Workspaces, then Manage Workspaces, as below:

2. Click the Team Workspaces tab.

3. Click New. Enter a unique name and brief description for the team workspace. Optionally, enter an email address for the team workspace.

4. Click Next. You will be prompted to confirm that you want to create the team workspace.

5. Click Add. Select a user and click the Add button to grant the user membership to the team workspace. You can select multiple users by holding down the Control key and clicking Add. You cannot add resources to a team workspace. Click OK when you have finished adding members.

6. By default, all members added to the workspace are initially assigned the Viewer role. The workspace role for a member can be changed by clicking the role title beside the member's name and selecting a role from the list.

7. Optionally, click Properties to view general information about individual members.

8. Optionally click Next> to configure version control in the Workspace

9. Click Finish to return to the Manage Workspaces dialog box.

10. To add a team workspace to your Outlook view, select the Selected Workspaces tab, click Add and then select Team Workspace....

11. In the Add Team Workspaces dialog box, highlight the workspace and click OK.

11. The workspace will then appear in the Selected Workspaces window. Click OK.

12. Clock OK to return to Outlook. The selected Workspace will appear in the left hand Workspaces Menu panel.

Q. What features are included in Oracle Beehive Extensions for Outlook?

Oracle Beehive Extensions for Outlook includes the following features:

Q. What operating systems does Oracle Beehive Extensions for Outlook support?

Oracle Beehive Extensions for Outlook supports Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, and Vista operating systems, with the following versions of Microsoft Outlook: 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007.

Q. I'm running the latest certified OBEO client with Outlook 2003, if I upgrade to outlook 2007 will OBEO still be certified and work correctly?

Yes, OBEO is now fully certified on this version of Outlook.

Q. I can't install OBEO on Outlook 2000 even after installing SP-3. What should I do?

You'll need to change your Outlook configuration from IMO (Internet Mode Only) to Workgroup mode. Please follow these steps (

1. On the Tools menu, click Options.
2. On the Mail Delivery Tab (or mail services), click Reconfigure Mail Support.
3. On the E-mail Service Options page, click to select the mail support option you are switching to (Corporate Workgroup). Click Next.
4. Read the warning message and then click Yes. Outlook will close.
5. Start Outlook. The Windows Installer will start and install the required files.

Q. How can I turn off Calendar e-mail notifications?

To turn off Calendar e-mail notifications:

Q. What are server-side limitations?

You can only configure server side rules using OBEO. Non OBEO users can use the web based client. You should also avoid using special characters in your rules (ie: <, >, _, -) and there are also issues in the way multiple rules are executed. You should avoid using excessive conditions and exceptions as this can cause rule execution issues.

Q. How do I change the display name in Outlook to mixed case in place of all caps?

1. Close outlook completely, making sure that outlook.exe and mapisp32.exe are not running
2. Navigate to the control panel (start/control panel)
3. Open 'mail' from the list shown
4. Select 'E-mail Accounts'
5. Select 'View or change existing e-mail accounts' and 'next'
6. Select your beehive profile (Oracle Beehive Extensions for Outlook be default) and 'change'
7. Select 'more settings'
8. Select 'other'
9. Select the format you prefer (for mixed case set this to 'John Smith' in place of 'default'
10. select 'apply' and select 'ok'
11. select 'next'
12. select 'finish'
13. select 'close'
14. restart outlook

Q. How to start beehive Outlook client offline?

To switch to offline mode
Menu item File-> Work Offline

To configure your startup

1.Right mouse click on the Outlook application icon, select Properties
2.Click on e-mail Accounts
3.Select Oracle Beehive Extensions for Outlook
4.Click on Change
5.Select desired behavior from the At Startup drop down
6.Click on Next
7.Click on Close

Q. I am not able to send e-mail in Rich Text via OBEO.

The Outlook option for e-mail composition format should be changed from Rich Text to HTML. Tools >> Options >> Mail Format.

Rich Text will be converted to Plain text using OBEO.

Q.Using Beehive with MS Outlook OBEO, how can I add a new service for a newsgroup?

Outlook does not have a news reader. It uses Outlook Express in a news-only mode to display newsgroups. You can add a News button to your toolbar to make it easier to bring up - but this is just a shortcut to OE, with a /news only switch to hide the Mail module. If you really want newsgroups in Outlook, there are add-ins which will add an NNTP transport to Outlook. Further information is available from here

Q. How do I move or copy a folder from one workspace location to another within Oracle Beehive Extensions for Outlook?

To move or copy a folder from one Workspace location to another, simply right-click the folder, and select Copy [folder name] or Move [folder name]. In the Copy [or Move] Folder window, select the new folder location, then click OK.

Q. How do I move or copy a document into a workspace using OBEO?

You can move a document from one location (either in or outside of) Oracle Beehive Extensions for Outlook to a Beehive workspace by using drag-and-drop, or cut-and-paste functionality. To copy a document, you can simply copy and paste, leaving the original document in place, with a copy pasted into another Oracle Beehive Extensions for Outlook workspace.
To move (drag and drop) a document into a workspace:

To move (cut and paste) a document into a workspace:

To copy (copy and paste) a document into a workspace:

Q. OBEO seems to not shut down gracefully as I still see outlook icon in my task bar
A. This is the case and you should ensure you periodically go to your task manager and then processes and end all the OUTLOOK.EXE process that may still be running. You can get there by hitting control/alt/delete.

Q. When sending e-mail the session is hanging. I do not get any pop up or error message, it just hangs. What options do I have to work round the problem?
A. Try to disable Symantec's "Internet e-mail Protection". If this works then you have hit a problem in that Symantec breaks when you use SSL over port 25. Turning this option off will work around the issue for now, we are testing alternative options.

Q. When I tried deleting or moving a message in Outlook with OBEO, I get this error message "The operation failed because local changes are being synchronized to the server". Is this expected?
A. This is an expected error message. The problem is that some updates to the server take a long time such that when the user tries to do another operation, OBEO blocks it as the operation is already happening. The delay is momentary and you could retry the operation.