Q. How do I create a new workspace with Beehive Workspaces Client?
A. Oracle Workspaces provides services to manage team activities, coordinate member participation with different access roles, and to organize and share information among team members. Within a workspace, a user is able to share documents, hold discussions, administer meetings, and manage tasks.

Note: A Team Workspace can be using several clients:

Workspace Creation using the Workspaces client involves the following steps:

1. Log into the Workspaces client at - or the Beehive 2.0 Location Notice the UI has significantly changed. The first page is a summary constructed from all of your workspaces.

2. Click on the + New link on the top left of the page and Select Workspace.

3. Leave the Location at the default and then click on Change Template to select from the available Lists.

4. Select the Template you require - the default is the BeehiveOnline Team Workspace Template. Add any Description and then click Save on the top right of the page

N.B.If you need special templates please contact the Operations team on to discuss.

The Workspace name can have spaces within the name but there cannot be spaces before or after the string. If there is a space the following error will be reported.

4. Once the Creation completes the Main page for the new Workspace is displayed.

Note: BeehiveOnline requires users to have the workspace creator role to be able to create workspaces. If the user does not have the necessary privileges the following message will be displayed in clicking the Create button. If this happens contact your Group Sponsor to request Workspace creator privileges

Q. If I create a workspace, do I need to add myself as a member, or is that done automatically?

It is done automatically. You are also the Owner of that Workspace and by default a Workspace-Coordinator.

Q.How do I set a different icon in the Workspace list?

The icon normally associated with a Workspace can be changed to one of a selection of available icons by navigating to the Setting area of the Workspace. There are 2 methods available at this point.

Q. How do I add members to the Workspace once created?

1. Users are added via the Participant area of the Workspace client. Click on the Participants link in the left hand Menu area to see the existing Workspace Members and then click on the + New icon on the top left and then select Participants... from the top down list.

2. Once in the Participant management area you can select to add a user or group, or several users or groups. Type in the first few letters of the name and matching names will appear in the drop-down list. Select the user from the available list. If the user does not appear they have either a different Display name or are not members for the group on BeehiveOnline.

3. The Add user can add extra individuals if there is an organization in the LDAP system feeding the installation. There is no organization structure in BeehiveOnline because of the relationship to the WW_LDAP directory server.

4. Complete the necessary fields - the Description can be something project specific, e.g. Project Manager. The role should be selected to give the user/group the necessary level of access.

5. Once this page is completed, click Next. A summary page is displayed of all the changes in Membership that have been requested.

6. Click Finish and you are done.

Q. If I add someone to a team workspace, will they be notified automatically of that fact? If so, how do I know if they've been notified or not?
A. They are automatically notified with a message "You have been added to workspace XXX in the role of YYY".

Q. How does someone who is not using Workspaces Client access a workspace?
A. WebDAV, OBEE and OBEO can be used to access the content in a workspace. CalDAV can be used too (if an smtp email address has been assigned to the Workspace).

WebDAV for non-OBEE Users
To work with an existing Workspace

1. On your desktop open My Network Places.
2. Double-click 'Add Network Places'
3. Follow the wizard directions and when asked to enter a mount point, enter
4. When prompted enter your in lower case
5. Then provide your Single Sign-On password
6. After the web folder is set up it would be listed in 'WebDAV' in 'Network Places' tree

Q. How do I find the RSS feed icons
A. The RSS feed icons have unfortunately moved off the main Workspace Overview page.

RSS Feeds are a available from 2 locations in each Workspace - Announcements and Recent Activity. The detail screen has to be accessed to see the icon - the summary page does not have the link in Version 2.0. To see the detail page click on the relevant link in the left hand menu panel

Once the page appears there will be a small RSS icon at the top right of the page. Click on that and the RSS feed URL will be available to put in your preferred reader.

Q. How do I create a new event as a webconference?

A.The Team Collab client cannot create an event and associate the Web Conference resource with it. The event only allows Users to be invited and has no facility to ad a conference resource.

The process can be done but only from the Web Conferencing client. The process is as follows:

1. Download and install the Web conference client - if not already done - and log in as a BeehiveOnline user.

2. Click on the New Conference button.

3. Select the Workspace calendar to be used.

4. Select the Conference Type - Invitees only, Internal Only or Public.

5. Make sure the "Show this event in my calendar" is selected and add the date and time for the meeting.

6. Add the invitees or if using a Team Workspace select to add all the participants.

7. Click Save & Close and the Event will be created and put in the Workspace Calendar as a Web Conference event.