Q.How can I set my timezone correctly to get my meetings in the calendar at the appropriate time for me?

The user records in the ww_ldap system do not have ant details of the Timezone so by default the system will set the users timezone to the same as the system (Eastern Standard Time). If you are not in this timezone change it by going to the Account page of bcentral and select the appropriate Country and Timezone.

q.How do I set up Calendar in Sunbird/Lighting?

Sunbird and Lightning can have external network based calendars. To set up the Beehive Calendar you have to know the url for your personal Calendar. This has a standard format as follows:<username>/calendars/MyCalendar

Once you have the URL there is a wizard to add it to Sunbird/Lightning - remember to set the format to calDAV and follow the process to completion.

Q. How do I get an iCal attachment for a meeting invitation to allow me to import a meeting into my home email/calendar system?

Invitations to meeting will normally be sent in email with a link back into the Zimbra web client calendar. If you wish to have an iCal file to allow the meeting to be imported into your home email/calendar system you need to go to the calDAV page,<username>/calendars/MyCalendar. Once on the page the calendar events will be displayed - clicking on an event will download an iCAl file that can be imported into your calendaring system. It is a useful shortcut to bookmark the calDAV page for future reference

Q. How can I read other calendars or check availability of others using Sunbird/Lightning

As you created a Calendar for yourself in Lightning/Sunbird, you can create Calendars for others. You should ensure that your profile url that you initially set up for your account includes your user name in all caps. i.e.: Enter the e-mail address of the user you want to see their calendar.<username>/calendars/MyCalendar

Please note that you will only have discover access to view anyone else Calendar. This means that you will only get start and end time of meetings.
In Lightning, all meetings you will see in anyone else's Calendar will have a title of "Untitled". Any change you try to do will be ignored. This is supported for availability lookup. Full functionality is available in the OBEO client.

Roadmap: Lightning v0.8 due this spring/early summer by Mozilla will have Free/Busy view enabled when you invite others.

Q. Meeting invites sent to my Beehive Lightning Calendar are automatically accepted/confirmed
Lightning 0.7/0.8 does not yet fully support CalDAV Scheduling, they are still mainly a PIM Calendar client, so they do not yet offer you a way to Accept an invitation. They will offer this in their 1.0 release. To decline an Invitation, you can do as with OBEO (Outlook), just delete the Invitation.

Q. How do I accept invitations in PIM based CalDAV client such as Lightning 0.7/0.8
You probably noticed that the meeting title was prefixed by [[?] for any invitation you receive. Open the Invitation, and change the title prefix from [?] to [+|owc_wiki/?] for any invitation you receive. Open the Invitation, and change the title prefix from [?] to [+]] and this will set your Participation Status to Accepted.

Clearly, for those that use a more advance CalDAV client such as Apple iCal (this client already supports CalDAV Scheduling), or OBEO, they can accept the invitation, as you would expect.

Q. How do I disable reminders for past events using Thunderbird/Lightning?
You can disable event reminders but this will also disable alerts for meetings in the future.

Q. Any idea when Apple iCal might support attachments?
Apple iCal client connected to Apple iCal server does support some type of meeting attachments; it is called Dropbox(?). Unfortunately they are doing this in a non standard way reusing some document technology they have. This is why the Apple iCal Dropbox does not interoperate yet with the Beehive CalDAV backend.