Using FTPS to connect to BeehiveOnline

Q. What is different about FTP access to BeehiveOnline?

FTP access to Beehiveonline is possible if the FTP connection uses the secure access protocol FTPS.

Q. Which clients have been tested and verified for use against BeehiveOnline?

We have tested several FTP client products and the majority of the products that are payable can access BeehiveOnline. Several of the free FTP clients have issues, as a result we have verified only Core FTP for Windows. On Linux gftp and curl commands can be used to connect to BOL FTP. The libraries used by Beehive as a product for Secure protocol support can cause a few issues with certain common FTP clients - these include lftp on Linux and FileZilla on certain platforms.

Q. How can I connect to BeehiveOnline FTPS using Linux curl commands?

Each Linux distribution can decide to compile the same curl program using different encryption libraries (e.g., NSS, OpenSSL, GnuTLS) from another distribution, so curl may work on some versions and may not on other versions. Following curl commands can be used for BeehiveOnline explicit FTP.

curl --tlsv1.0 --ftp-ssl-reqd -k --user > /path/to/downloadfile.txt

curl --tlsv1.0 --ftp-ssl-reqd -k -T /path/to/uploadfile.txt --user

Q. How should I configure the connection page to access BeehiveOnline?

The client have to be configured to use FTP using explicit encryption with AUTH TLS. The setup screen for BeehiveOnline access for Core FTP client as shown below:

BOL FTP settings

Hostname -
Port - 21
FTPS passive data ports range -  49125 to 65535

Core FTP Configuration

Q. What does the FTPS view of BeehiveOnline look like?

Core FTP when connected will display the Workspaces as folders below the Enterprise folder - Oracle. Clicking on the folder icons will navigate down the directory tree treating Workspaces as folders. The access includes access to your personal Workspace - not normally available in the teamcollab client.

N.B. You may have some problems with spaces in the BeehiveOnline Workspace listing making the directory not show properly - if this happens add an underscore instead of the space and the Workspace/folder will display correctly.