Using WebDAV - with Windows Explorer or Java

The screen shots have been taken on a Windows XP system - if you have Windiows 7 then the screens will look different but the process is the same.

Q. How do I add map BeehiveOnline into a network drive in Windows Explorer?

1. To do this go to your Windows Explorer and open the My Network Places.

2. Click on the Folders button to get access to the menu.

3. Click Add a network place

4. Click to choose another network location

5. Add the 

N.B. If this fails on Windows XP put a # after the dav to give

6. Put in your Beehiveonline username/password

7. Put in a name for the network place – or accept the default and finish. You will get a Final confirmation screen confirming the settings

If you choose to open this location on completion of the process then an explorer window will appear and then you can access the files as required – just like a normal folder on your system

An alternate approach to mapping a webdav URL as a networked drive.


The following set of instructions is the combination of system tweaks that I found to successfully map our WebDAV share:

1.) Download and install the Microsoft update KB90730 – Web Folders:
2.) Reboot Windows
3.) Run Windows Update (Start > All Programs > Windows Update) to make sure the latest patches are installed on your system
4.) Install any necessary updates and Reboot Windows if necessary
5.) Make sure WebClient Services are active and start on boot
5a.) Start > Search > Type: services.msc > Select Services.
5b.) Find WebClient > Select
5c.) Select Automatic > Ok > Exit
6.) Modify the Windows registry, this will enable Windows to accept basic authentication for SSL and non-SSL shares.
6a.)  Start > Search > Type: regedit > Select regedit.
6b.) The registry key of interest to find is: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\WebClient\Parameters
6c.) Select BasicAuthLevel (if it does not exist, create the key)
6d.) Change the value to 2.  Select OK > File > Exit
7.) Reboot Windows
8.) Map your WebDAV share as a network drive.
8a.) Using Windows Explorer Select My Computer > Select Map Network Drive.

8b.) Put your WebDAV URI \\\content\dav as the location and complete the desired settings (i.e. reconnect on login and use different credentials).

Hopefully the WebDAV share will connect and you can access it as a mapped drive.

How do I programmatically access BeehiveOnline via webDAV?

BeehiveOnline implements a a standard webDAV implementation and as such can be accessed from Java programs by using freely available webDAV libraries,jar files. I have implemented this using the Sardine Project. It is a simple process to add this to a JDeveloper project and if you ensure the following libraries are included in the project it will run successfully.

WebDAv jar list

If you have JDeveloper I have packaged up the Workspace with the necessary libraries and a simple program to get the directories from a webDAV area. Download the webDAV_Handler project from here (N.B. It is 12Mb in size)