Requesting a Group on Oracle BeehiveOnline

More Information to help you configure the group

Q. Who can request a Group on Oracle BeehiveOnline?

Only Oracle employees can request a Group be created on Oracle BeehiveOnline. As an added security measure to access the Group Creation tool the employee must be on the Oracle Intranet either directly or via VPN. Failure to be on the internal network will cause an Oracle Access Manager failure screen to be shown

Q. How do I request a Group be created on BeehiveOnline Administration?

Oracle Employees should have read the General Advice for Oracle Group Sponsors on the General page before continuing. Click here to get the Advice as a pdf document

Once the Sponsor understands how Oracle BeehiveOnline should be used they can then go to the internal Website: BeehiveOnline Group Request Tool and request a group be created. You will need a file containing the email addresses of the users - in a simple text file with a column of the email addresses, or be prepared to type in the list of email addresses.

Q. What happens once I have requested a Group be created?

The process for provisioning the group is broken into 2 phases:

Phase 1: The list of email addresses are checked against the ww_ldap server containing the list of all the internal and external users of the Oracle Websites. Any of the email Addresses that do not return a matching account will be reported to the sponsor. It is their responsibility to contact these individuals and get them to go to the create account page at

Phase 2: Once all the users have been validated the group will be provisioned into Oracle BeehiveOnline.Once this is done the Oracle Sponsor will be informed and they can use the Oracle BeehiveOnline Administration tool to set up the roles of the group members, i.e. the ability to create Team Workspaces or the ability to Administer the group and grant/revoke roles or to lock/remove the user from the group. A Group Home Workspace will be created which will have all the group members as Workspace-members and the Oracle Sponsor will be the Workspace-Coordinator and the Workspace Owner.


If you are an Oracle Employee and want to create a group or

ADD member(s) to an existing group click Create New Group button