Oracle Beehive Extensions for Explorer (OBEE)

Q. How do I add Accounts to Oracle Beehive Extensions for Explorer?

1. Open Windows Explorer as normal and if you have already installed the Oracle Beehive Extensions for Explorer you will have an extra folder icon in the left hand Folder area.

2. Click on the Beehive Workspaces link. This will make a new Menu link appear at the top of the page.

3. Select Accounts to bring up the Accounts Creation Wizard.

4. This is normally empty on first connection but the process is the same for all Accounts. Click Create.

5. Fill in the fields with the necessary parameters - the server will be Enter the username and password for beehiveonline in the required fields. Once entered a check can be made that you have entered the correct username and password by clicking the Check Name... button.

6. Once the username is confirmed as OK click Finish. This will return you to the Accounts page

7. As only one Account can be active at any one time with OBEE the account to be made live should be marked as the default by clicking the Make Default button. This will now allow the workspaces associated with that account to be accessed and Workspace can be created once there.

Q. How do I create Workspaces on Oracle Beehive Extensions for Explorer?

1. Open Explorer and click on the Beehive Workspaces link. This will open the link to the default account. To start the Workspace Creation process either right click in the right hand pane

...or select Workspaces from the Beehive Menu at the top of the page.

2. The workspace list will then be displayed.

3. To start the creation process click on the New... button.

3. Fill in the necessary details in the required fields. The email address for the workspace is optional but if required it should be

Make sure the Workspace name complies with the correct characters - exceptions will be flagged

4. Once the details are entered the Workspace will be created on clicking OK. Once created the display returns to the Workspace List. To add members to the workspace, highlight the Workspace and Click Properties.

4. Start the adding Workspace users by clicking the Members tab and then Select Add...


5. To find user the name should be typed in the Display name field and the Search button clicked. Once the user is found they can be added by clicking the Select -> button. More users can be added by repeating the search/select process.

6. The participant can be given the necessary privileges - the default is the Read-Only role of workspace-viewer. Once the necessary Roles have been awarded click Next> to continue.

7. This page allow the Workspace creator to set up a versioning environment at the top level of the Workspace. This can be done at lower levels with the client once the Workspace is in use. Click Finish to complete the process.

8. The new Workspace is automatically added to the Favorites view as it was created by yourself.