Q. What is Oracle Beehive Zimbra?

Oracle Beehive Zimbra a Web-based alternative to using a standard hosted time management system for managing your e-mail, calendar, and day-to-day business activities. If you travel frequently, Oracle Beehive Zimbra offers easy access via your Web browser (from your computer or mobile device), allowing you to retrieve and send mail on the go. Using Oracle Beehive Zimbra, you can also manage your contacts, and schedule meetings by being able to access your address book, calendar, workspaces, and track progress on tasks remotely.

Q. What Features are included in Oracle Beehive Zimbra?

Oracle Beehive Zimbra includes the following features:

Q. What Web browsers and operating systems does Oracle Beehive Zimbra support?

Oracle Beehive Zimbra supports the following Web browsers in the Microsoft® Windows (XP and Vista), and Mac OS X operating systems:

Q. How do I tag (mark) a task for a specific purpose?

You can categorize tasks you create by tagging them. You can select from a list of default tags, or create your own.

To tag a task:
1. Right-click a task, select Tag Task, then:

2. In the Create New Tag dialog, type a name for your new tag. (Optionally, select a color for this tag.)
3. Click OK.

Q. How do I create a link to a team Workspace e-mail folder?

To create a link to a team Workspace e-mail folder:
1. Click the Mail tab.
2. In the Folders pane, right-click Folders, and select Link to Shared Folder.
3. In the Name box type either the name of the workspace, or type the e-mail address for that workspace (if one has been created). If the name or address is not recognized, an error will result: "No such account exists."
4. In the Path box, type the name of the folder you want to link to, such as "Inbox" (though not case-sensitive).
As you type, the Name field under "Properties of your new link"is completed with the team name (or address) followed by its folder name. Example: "XYZ team's Inbox."
5. Optionally, select a color for your workspace link.
6. Click OK. The folder for the workspace displays in the left folder list (in the selected color).

(Note: Only the members that belong to the team workspace can add the team workspace successfully or an error results: "No such account exists.")

Q. Can I invite a Team Workspace to a meeting?

Yes. If you are a member of a team workspace, you can set up a meeting for everyone on the team by simply inviting the workspace. This is a faster, simpler option rather than adding each team member as individual attendees.

To invite a team workspace to a meeting:
1. Click the Calendar tab.
(Optionally, if you have a shared link to the calendar of the team's workspace, select the team workspace calendar to use as the calendar for the appointment.)
2. Create a new appointment, then in the Attendees box, enter the e-mail address of the team workspace.
3. Click Save. Your team workspace appointment now appears on your calendar.

(Note: Only the members that belong to the team workspace can add the team workspace successfully or an error results: "No such account exists.")

Q. Can I map a Workspace Calendar to Zimbra?

1. Open Zimbra and hover over the Calendars link and then right click.

2. Click on Link to Shared Calendar

3. Add in the Workspace name and the Path is Calendar. N.B. The same approach can be used for Inbox, Tasks from the appropriate area of Zimbra. Remember to colour code the calendar to distinguish it in the list. Click OK and you are done.

Q. Can I use drag-and-drop functionality to attach files to e-mail?

Yes. You can download a zimlet (third-party plug-in application) that allows you to drag and drop files directly from your computer (Windows PC or Mac) to a new e-mail message in Zimbra. You must be using the Mozilla Firefox browser to use this zimlet and Firefox extension.

The following steps describe how to download the extension (for Firefox browsers only).
To download the Firefox Extension for drag-and-drop functionality:
1. Verify that you are using Mozilla Firefox as your Web browser.
2. Navigate to the Zimbra Gallery: https://gallery.zimbra.com/gallery.php?act=viewProd&productId=68
3. Follow instructions on the Zimbra Gallery Web site to download the Firefox extension ZimbraDnD.xpi for this zimlet.
(Note: Contact your system administrator for help installing this zimlet and Firefox extension. Once installed, your system administrator must enable the zimlet in your Zimbra account preferences.)
4. After your system administrator has enabled the zimlet, the drag-and-drop zimlet will appear in your Zimbra Overview pane under Zimlets.
5. With a new e-mail message (Compose) window open, select a file and drag and drop it into the open window.

Q. How do I get my address book preferences to take effect?

Whenever you make changes to preferences in your Oracle Beehive Zimbra address book, save your changes, then log off, then log on again.
It is necessary to log off and on again because the application may not reload your settings dynamically. Thus, your changes will not take effect until after logging back on when all preferences are reloaded.

To ensure your address book preferences take effect:
1. On the upper right of your Oracle Beehive Zimbra Web page, click Log Off.
2. Log on, then open your address book. Your preferences should now reflect your changes.

Q. Why can't I open multiple tabs/windows of Zimbra in my browser?

The Zimbra Web client does not support multiple tabs or windows to appear in the same browser.

Q. My address book displays the incorrect number of contacts on each page.Why?

When setting preferences to display a certain number of contacts per page, search results may show a different page range. For example, if the preference is set at 100 contacts per page, the first page of results may be 1-59, and the second page may show 101-118. Additionally, contacts on subsequent pages may be duplicates to those shown on the first page.