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Status Updates

27th July 2011 11:30 GMT

Mid-tiers and Database were restarted to clear jammed sessions on the database tier causing swapping

5th October 2010 09:30-11:30 GMT

Database Materialized view became stale - cause under investigation. Mid-tiers and Database were restarted and the Materialized View refreshed.

6th December 2010 15:00 GMT Network Attached Storage system experienced very slow performance - BeehiveOnline was affected and the system was restarted after an outage of ~ 20 minutes
15 December 2010 10:30 GMT The Network Attached Storage is causing slow performance and the system may require a reboot to clear the problem. We are working on a more permanent fix to move to a new Filer
15 December 2010 18:00 PST Successfully moved the data to a new filer to attempt to resolve data transmission issues
13-14th November 2011 Successfully moved the BeehiveOnline system from the legacy OnDemand servers to larger systems under PDIT control - servers will be coming online during the week of 14-18th November
25th November Issue with the delivery of email to group addresses from outside the system has been resolved - Mail is being delivered normally
13-15th April 2012 Upgrade of the APEX system on BeehiveOnline to the latest version.
20-22nd April 2012 Upgrade of the Beehive version on BeehiveOnline to This is a Zero Downtime Upgrade and the service should remain operational over the weekend
27-29th April 2012 Upgrade of the underlying database and exadata software levels to
20-21st July 2012 Upgrade of the Beehive Instance to
4th October 2012 An unreported script failure during the rebuild of the search infrastructure invalidated several packages and disabled the login to the teamcollab client for 2 hours. Identification of the cause took some time but recompiling the packages fixed the issue
25th January 2013 We are doing some maintenance of the FTP system used to connect to the Bug Database for logging problems. Please be aware this may impact the FTPS service on BeehiveOnline during this period from 9pm PST to midnight PST
11th October 2013 We are upgrading BeehiveOnline to which will correct some of the Word 2010 issues amongst other fixes. It will be unavailable from 9pm PST to midnight PST
8th February 2014 We are upgrading the underlying systems and exadata cells to the latest versions as part of routine maintenance. The system will be unavailable from 9pm PST on Friday 7th February for a predicted maximum outage of 12 hours. If the work completes before that time the system will be placed back in service early.
20th March 2015 Upgrade of the Beehive Instance to
18th August 2015 Intermittent performance issues with BeehiveOnline web services like teamcollab, bcentral, Zimbra. Issue got resolved.
28th October 2016 We've renewed our SSL certificates on BeehiveOnline MT's for FTP service. If you face any issues with the certificate, then you need to add the SSL ceritificate to your application truststore. Please contact beehiveonline_ops@beehiveonline.oracle.com for more details.
17th March 2017 Decommissioned Beehive conference from BOL

Planned Outages/Known Issues

09-10th January 2015 BeehiveOnline service will be unavailable from 9pm to 10pm PST, 9th Jan while service is being switched-over from ADC to UCF for ADC exadata upgrade.
BeehiveOnline service will be unavailable from 6pm to 11pm PST, 10th Jan while service is being switched-back from UCF to ADC and for database 12c upgrade.
30th January 2016 BeehiveOnline service will be unavailable from 4am to 5am PST due to scheduled maintenance (Database BP13).
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