Client Access  
Beehive 2.0

Web-based Team Workspaces:

  • Home page that provides a global view of  your favorite workspaces, recent activity in your favorite workspaces, your upcoming events, and your workspace task assignments
  • Document Library
    • Integration with External Content Repositories
    • Beehive Shortcuts for linking to documents or wiki pages
  • Team Wiki
    • Enhanced Rich Text Editor with added support for text alignment, font, font size, tables
  • Team Calendar
    • One-click to invite all team members to event
    • Invite users outside of team workspace to event
  • Team Announcements
    • Support for formatted text and links
  • Task Assignment and Management
    • Automatic notifications when tasks assigned, updated, completed or withdrawn
    • Attributes include: priority, start date, due date, status, percent complete, and ability to assign to multiple
  • Discussion Forums
    • Create multiple discussion forums
    • Post attributes include: type (topic, question, forum announcement) and description field supporting formatted text and links
    • Mark posts read/unread
    • Coordinators can lock/unlock specific questions or discussion threads
    • Answers to questions can be marked as helpful or correct by the original poster
  • Contextual Search with Filtering of Results
    • Filter by artifact type, activity type, person, tag, or date
  • Tagging and Tag Clouds with Filtering, Auto-Complete
    • Autocomplete to limit spelling errors, improve re-use of tags, and reduce synonyms
    • Comma separator for easily adding multiple tags
  • Enhanced RSS Feeds to track forums, user activity
    • Recent Activity of a User
    • Discussion Forum Activity
    • Any activity stream filtered by workspace, artifact type (document, wiki page etc.), activity type (created, updated, etc.), person, tag, and/or date
  • Workspace Templates selection at workspace creation)
    • Default workspace templates include: Team Workspace, Community of Practice Workspace, and Project Workspace
  • Workspace Administration Settings
    • Option to enable public access so that non-participants can read, comment and discuss
    • Option to  change one or more defaults for following:
      • Forum for Posts
      • Forum Destination
      • Folder for Uploads
      • Library Destination
      • Wiki Destination
      • Participation Role
      • Calendar Enrollment
    • Document Library Versioning
    • Remote Repository Set-up and Adding Mounts

    Q. What are the most useful clients for BeehiveOnline and what do they do?

    A. The list below provides information about what the most used clients are for and Access to Tutorial Webcasts. (based on the internal stbeehive.oracle.com system - Swap the stbeehive for beehiveonline and the same functionality is available) :

    Oracle Beehive Team Collaboration Client : A web interface to a user’s home page, team workspaces, and a directory of user profiles. With an intuitive UI and convenient features like recent activity lists, filtered search results, and tag clouds, the Team Collaboration Client makes it easy for users to find and share information with colleagues. Click on the button to view the webcast!

    Teamcollab Tutorial

    Oracle Beehive Extensions for Explorer (OBEE) : Oracle Beehive Extension for Explorer provides convenient access to team workspaces and advanced document management from within Microsoft Windows Explorer. Click on the button to view the webcast!

    OBEE Tutorial
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