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Q. I get a "304 Content Encoding Error" trying to log into BeehiveOnline?

A. Oracle BeehiveOnline relies on the user having both

  1. an account in the main user directory - self provisioning is available for external users via https://profile.oracle.com (Oracle employees already have an account in this directory) and
  2. an account on BeehiveOnline obtained by being added to a group via the of the Group Creation tool and then being successfully provisioned into the system. This process generates 2 emails - a Welcome to a BeehiveOnline Group and a Welcome to the Workspace. If you have not had at least one of these you do not have access and will get an error on login.

Q. My entry in the Group Creation Tool shows in Pending_Informed or Awaiting_Fix?

A. The "Pending_Informed" and "Awaiting_Fix" states mean your details in the user directory are either Missing or Incomplete

  1. Missing Account - "Pending_Informed" - the informed portion shows that the affected user should have had a Welcome to BeehiveOnline but you need to create an account via http://profile.oracle.com or raise an SR to get your Oracle account set up.
  2. Missing First name or Last Name - "Awaiting_Fix" - the first or last name is missing from the user directory . This can be adjusted via the http://profile.oracle.com system if you are an external user or if you are an Oracle employee raise an SR to get your account details corrected.

Q. I can log in but do not see any Workspace?

A. When logged on to the Beehiveonline team collaboration client, there is no Workspace visible. This is because the person who set up the group decided not to have a default Workspace or has not yet created a Workspace and added you as an individual member or added the group as a whole. Also there is a possibility that the provisioning process is not complete, so before raising it as an issue please check with the owner of the group you have been invited to join as it may just be a timing issue.

Q. I am a sponsor of a group but do not see any Workspace?

A. If you are a sponsor of a group and discover when logging in to the Beehiveonline team collaboration client there is no Workspace visible, this is normally because you have not added yourself into the group as a member. This is a requrirement for groups with workspaces - if you are not in the group you will not necessarily be provisioned and the addition of you as a workspace-coordinator will fail.

Q. I have changed the Workspace name and when I add a user to my group, they are not appearing in my Workspace?

A. If you find when you add users to a group they are not apprearing in your workspace then there could be a failure of the provisioning process but more likely you have unintentionally broken the linkage between your workspace and the group. The way BeehiveOnline links the group and the Workspace as they are independent objects in beehive is to make sure they share the same name. The system gemerates Group names that have no space to allow them to be distinguished from other groups so the name in nBeehiveOnline will differ slightly from the APEX group creation App, e.g. an APEX Group called ACME Group would have a BeehiveOnline group called ACME_Group and to match the group and the Workspace the Workspace would be called ACME_Group_Workspace. If the name of the Workspace is changed in any way, e.g. by removing the spaces, the linkage will be broken and the new users will not be added to the renamed Workspace - instead the system will create a new ACME_Group_Worksoace and put the new user in there! There is a simple way to fix this problem and the options on how to fix this issue are documented in the following document: BeehiveOnline Troubleshooting Guide.pdf. Please download it and follow the instructions to get your group and workspace working again.

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