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Q. What is Oracle BeehiveOnline Administration?

A. Oracle BeehiveOnline Administration is a custom UI designed to provide the user of BeehiveOnline with extra facilities not provided by existing clients. This could be because the clients were not designed to cope with the BeehiveOnline configuration or the functions provided are outside the scope of the other clients. The Administration client provides:
  • Group management of roles and membership for Administrators of groups together with downloadable reporting
  • Quota Increase Requests and Management of the Information Rights Management Sealing Policy on Owned Workspaces. Audit/management reports are also available
  • Subscription Management for every user - they can add or remove subscriptions at a Workspace or individual folder level. The subscriptions will inform them of any new or updated content in the target container via their preferred notification path - normally email

Q. How do I request more Quota?

A. Oracle BeehiveOnline manages the Quota process from the BOLAdmin tool on the "My Owned Workspaces" page. The process is a s follows:

  • Click on the Request Increased Quota

NOTE: remember to put in the correct New Quota you require and fill in the Justification for the Quota Increase

Q. Do we have any instruction manual for the Admin tool?

A. The instructions for use of the BeehiveOnline Administration Tool are available here as a PDF download.
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