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Q. What is Oracle BeehiveOnline?
A. Oracle BeehiveOnline is an Oracle Beehive environment provided to Oracle staff to enhance their ability to collaborate with external agencies, Partners or customers. Oracle BeehiveOnline provides:

  • Workspaces to allow team collaboration
  • Time management - Calendar to schedule meetings
  • Task management - create and assign tasks to team members
  • Zimbra - Web based Calendar, Task and Email system
  • Integration into the Desktop via Extensions for Windows Explorer

BeehiveOnline does not provide the following services:

  • Personal Email stored on the Beehive Online server - All user accounts will be configured to have email sent out to their external email address, i.e. if you have an email of j.doe@mycompany.com then email sent to you as a workspace/group member will be routed to j.doe@mycompany.com.
  • Instant Messaging - the facility to take part in chat sessions on the BeehiveOnline system is not available.

Q. What is Oracle Beehive’s focus?
A. Oracle BeehiveOnline helps Oracle, working with invited individuals and organizations, to generate new information, make timely decisions and ultimately, take informed action. Oracle BeehiveOnline is an integrated collaboration environment based on a unique model that combines the various ways people interact, their collaborative tools, and information. Users can meet and share information and develop innovative solutions in a fast effective manner. By focusing on how groups of people work together, Oracle BeehiveOnline will support collaboration within a centrally managed, secure, and compliant environment built on the Oracle infrastructure.

Q. What does Oracle BeehiveOnline offer?
A. Oracle BeehiveOnline offers Oracle Staff the ability to request a collaboration space to work with external customers and partners on Oracle Business. The environment the groups are offered will allow Workspaces, initially quota limited to 1 Gb, to be created by authorized users. These will offer Document storage, Scheduling, Task management and Wiki facilities. The group Administration will be provided via a custom application which will allow users with the necessary Admin role to grant extra privileges to create workspace or be an Admin user. They will also be able to remove them from the group.

The system also provides an email facility that can be used as a Distribution List or as an archive facility.

  • The system will create a group email address for any grouop in the format Groupname@beehiveonline.oracle.com with the Groupname having the spaces replaced by underscores, e.g. Acme Industries would have an email acme_industries@beehiveonline.oracle.com. Emails to this address will be forwarded to all members.
  • If the group has an associated workspace then the INBOX of the Workspace will also have an email in the same form but with "_Workspace" after the group name, i.e. acme_industries_Workspace@beehiveonline.oracle.com . Emails to this address will NOT be forwarded to the group but will be delivered to the INBOX of the Workspace.

The system will be monitored and any workspaces with no activity for 6 months may be removed - this will be done after consulting the group/workspace owner and an archive of the content will be available on request.

Q. How should I make best use of Oracle BeehiveOnline?
A. Oracle BeehiveOnline groups are designed to allow the members to collaborate safe in the knowledge that no other users of the system can see the group or the members. Groups act as the "Container" for the community and should be distinguished from the Workspace which is the main instrument of collaboration amongst members of the Group. Within the group there can be many smaller collaboration spaces by creating Workspaces and inviting a sub-set of the users to join.

The diagram illustrates the way the system operates.

  • Groups cannot see each other, however members who are in multiple groups will be able to see all the members of all of their groups.
  • Within a group, authorized users can create Workspaces and invite other members of the group to join.
  • If you are not a member of the Workspace it is invisible to you.

The implication of this is that groups can be larger with a wide range of users who collaborate on a general area as the Workspace can be used to select a sub-set of this pool to collaborate more closely. The major reason to have multiple groups would be a situation where perhaps commercial rivals were working with Oracle on similar projects and the existence of the collaboration needs to be closely controlled.

Q .How much space is available on Oracle BeehiveOnline? How do I request more?
A. Oracle BeehiveOnline will be limited to 3Gb per workspace. To request more please use the BeehiveOnline Admin tool. Please read the user guide First

Q. How long will my content be retained on BeehiveOnline?
A. BeehiveOnline data will be retained on the server for a maximum of 30 days after the group has been removed from the system.

Q. How do I change my password?
A. User accounts will be synchronized from the directory used to manage Oracle Websites like the Oracle Technology Network . Changing the password is therefore done in the https://profile.oracle.com application. Changes made to the password on this site will be immediately available for use on Oracle BeehiveOnline.

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