BeehiveOnline Group Setup/Management


Getting Started


The starting place is the main page of the Application at



To create or manages the membership of a group click on the left hand button. This will take you through to an Applications Express application which can Create groups, add new members to existing groups. This is a new application so if you are not signed in you will be redirected to the SSO server to log in





Once logged in a page outlining the Guidelines for use of the BeehiveOnline site are displayed. Legal and Security conditions apply to the use of this site – the guidelines should be read and then the box at the bottom of the page checked to allow you to continue. Once past this page the list of groups you own, if any, will be shown with the ability to create a new group via the “Create a Group” button

If you choose to create a group click on the “Create a Group” button to go through to the relevant page.

The fields on this page should be completed as follows:

·         Group Name: This should be a relevant name for your group – try to avoid “test” “testing” type names as this is a production system . Please avoid characters such as />@”& as they cannot be used to make Beehive groups.

·         Description: This text is a description of the group.

·         Group manager Email: This is the group manager - they can be different from the Email user if required. Users in this group can manage the Group in this App (adding new members if required etc. )

Optional Fields - default settings are normal configuration

·         Workspace Template: This is to allow the use of a custom template with additional features, - precompleted Wiki pages - folder structure etc.

·         Default Workspace Required: The normal setup is to have a defualt Workspace created by the process - this will match the group name, i.e. a groups called abc_corp will have a workspace called ABC_Corp_Workspace. Some uses of the system - where users will be added to repository areas as a group - do not need the "Group" Workspace - setting this to No will make the provisioning not create the default Workspace

·         Autosubscribe?: If a project requiresthat all members of the Workspace be informed of any new or changed content then this flag can be set. This will automatically subscribe all the users to be informed of any new otr changed conten as it happens - this will be done via a Notification email. The BeehiveOnline Administration tool allows this to be switched off and on at an individual level.


Clicking on Next will create the group. Checks will be made at this point to make sure the group is unique, if a conflict is detected the group name will have to be modified to make it unique. Assuming the group is unique the next page allowing the members to be added is displayed.

The fields on this page should be completed as follows:

·         Email Addresses:  This area allows small numbers of members to be added by typing in a list of email addresses (Separate the email addresses with either a comma ‘,’ or semi-colon ‘;’.

·         Import File: If there are a several members to add to the group, a file containing a single column of email addresses can be uploaded.  This should either be a txt file or a csv file if excel has been used to create the list.

·         Invitation Message: This is the message that will be included in the invitation to join the group which is sent as the group is provisioned into Beehive (This may  take up to 24 hours from the group creation in this utility)

Clicking the Submit button will add the email addresses to the group (in this case the 2 email addresses in the free text area will be added). N.B. Remember to make sure the group manager is in the list of members to be added

The members in the group will be shown in Pending mode until the provisioning script can be run to put the group and members into the BeehiveOnline environment – this may take up to 24 hours.


Once this stage is complete you are done!


We now move to adding members to an existing group

Adding Members to an Existing group

To add members to an existing group log in as usual and the list of groups will be displayed.

As you can see there are 3 groups in my list – 2 have been provisioned and are now BeehiveOnline groups and one remains in a pending state. If I wish to add new members to an existing group I click on the “Add New Members” link. This will take you into the Invite Members tab of the Group management page.

If you want to see the existing members of the group you could click on the View Group Members link on the Group Page or click on the View Members tab.

Once you know who is in the group now and want to add new members, click back on the Invite Members tab and ad the new members via a text/csv file or type in the email addresses separated by a comma ‘,’or semi colon’;’

Once the email addresses are typed in or the file is found click Submit to put them into the group.