Custom Workspace Templates in Beehive

Beehive comes out of the box with 3 default workspace templates:

However, these 3 starter templates can be added to with some XML crafting. Before you throw up your hands in horror there are short cuts you can use to get a workspace you have already created into an XML file that can be tweaked so you don't start from a blank page.

The Template can be adjusted to add the following "extras" to the base template:

What cannot be changed is the number of components - you cannot remove the Calendar or the Forum, for example, from the Workspace. The template will ba accepted but on opening the system will display a non-compliant Workspace message and you will have to click to make it compliant - this reinserts the default pieces as necessary into the finished Workspace.

Within the Beehive system we have the concept of the Enterprise and Organizations. The team collab client can navigate this structure - by default it starts at the Enterprise level but if you want to create a Workspace you can change the Location to use one of the Organizations below the Enterprise.

The reason for doing this in the context of workspace creation would be to access custom templates that certain Lines of Business have as their preference. For example, a Consulting organisation may have the default workpace template adjusted to have the standard tasks for a project pre-created, the standard directory structure with the associated template documents in there already and they may pre-add participants from the Project Management Office. If the template is heavily customised it is recommended that it be located under the Organization requiring it rather than in the general list.

Another reason would be that the list of templates should be relatively short as normal users just need a normal default workspace. The administrators can change the default workspace template for everyone fairly easily to perhaps pre-create the Wiki with useful information on the best use of the Workspace or the links to helpful information on the process or the application.

To start the template creation process there are commands that can be used to grab the configuration of an existing Workspace. It is a little unusual in that it has to be fed an XML file detailing the information to be written into the generated Workspace template. The command to use is:

beectl download_generated_team_workspace_template --workspace <Workspace identifier> --file <Full path of the template file>

The template file looks like this:

<contactInfo>Oracle Corporation</contactInfo>
<copyrightInfo>Copyright (c) 2010 Oracle Corporation. All rights reserved.</copyrightInfo>
<description>template generated through Beectl</description>
<name>Generated Team Workspace Template</name>

This file will pick up all the pieces of the targeted Workspace and put it into a file called generated_template.xml. Once you have the file you can adjust it as necessary.