Creating Custom RSS feeds in Beehive

RSS feeds in Beehive are normally accessed via the Small RSS icon icon-RSS.png and there are only certain locations for this icon in the clients - so if there is no button you are stuck!

Or maybe not!

BeehiveOnline has implemented extra feed capability to have the capability to have feeds from Forums, Folders, Labels, Topics, and Versions. These commands are the ones we used in case you need to do this on another system.

beectl add_feed_configuration --name "ForumFeedConfiguration" --scope enpr=Oracle --feedtype Forum --title "Forum FeedConfiguration" --description "This is the default Forum FeedConfiguration"

beectl add_feed_configuration --name "FolderFeedConfiguration" --scope enpr=Oracle --feedtype Folder --title "Folder FeedConfiguration" --description "This is the default Folder FeedConfiguration"

beectl add_feed_configuration --name "LabelFeedConfiguration" --scope enpr=Oracle --feedtype Label --title "Label FeedConfiguration" --description "This is the default Label FeedConfiguration"

beectl add_feed_configuration --name "TopicFeedConfiguration" --scope enpr=Oracle --feedtype Topic --title "Topic FeedConfiguration" --description "This is the default Topic FeedConfiguration"

beectl add_feed_configuration --name "VersionFeedConfiguration" --scope enpr=Oracle --feedtype Version --title "Version FeedConfiguration" --description "This is the default Version FeedConfiguration"

The way to get these activated for users is a little more complicated than clicking the button but it is not very difficult.

A sample of a custom RSS feed could be:

The breakdown of this URl is as follows: - the system URL

feed - the type of object you want to use - in this case an RSS feed

rss - format of the feed - begs the question - are there any other feeds - Not investigated yet :-)

forum - type of object to get the feed from. This can be forum, topic, folder, version, label

?source=XXXX - this is the enterprise ID of the object in Beehive

The 682B:79DC:afrf: prefix is required to make up the collabId: The format of this triplet is

Enterprise Id = 682B
Organization Id = 79DC
Object Type = afrf

To get the value of the prefix you have dig a bit. Go to the page you require to RSS feed from and then click view Source. In the page displayed there is a section where the page Context is set. Browse this section and you will find a value for the full Cid
forumCid : "682B:79DC:afrf:727926143D338A1CE040558CE5396D3800000003AE58"

To get the Enterprise ID of the object we have to use the teamcollab client and navigate to the object. In the URL address filed the Enterprise ID of the object will be displayed - it is highlighted in the attached image.


Cut and paste the EID onto RSS feed URL, i.e.


We have an RSS feed from a specified folder - we can make Subscription type setup without having to get the Administrators to set something up.