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ATTENTION: BeehiveOnline service will be decommissioned on 30-April-2021 per the schedule posted on this home page and internally. By now, Oracle staff should only be sharing content externally using the new SecureSites Oracle Content Experience service. Users that require a copy of the content from Beehiveonline prior to the decommission are responsible for completing that action. Oracle will delete all content on this sharing service and therefore no data will be retained.

An Easy Way to Work Together

Oracle BeehiveOnline helps groups within Oracle share information and better collaborate with partners and customers.

In a scalable and secure environment, Oracle BeehiveOnline offers a range of integrated collaboration services including team workspaces, shared document repositories, scheduling, web conferencing and more. It improves team productivity, boosts the speed and quality of decision making, and improves the reuse of information.

Use of this system is governed by the Oracle Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and the terms of your agreement with Oracle.

If you are an Oracle Employee and want to create a group now click Create New Group button. N.B. You must be in the Oracle intranet or VPN to access this application.

This should also be used to ADD members to an existing group

Manual Click here for User Guide

This application allows Groups Administrators to manage roles and membership, Workspace Owners to manage Quota Requests, Archive Requests etc. and any member of a workspace to set subscriptions on the Workspace or Folders

Users CANNOT be added to groups with this Management tool

Manual Click here for User Guide

Quick Start
Team Workspaces
Sign-in to BeehiveOnline and browse the list of Team Workspaces you have access to or create new ones
Windows Explorer Plug-In
Learn more about the benefits of downloading and installing the BeehiveOnline plug-in for Windows Explorer by watching this short tutorial
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What is BeehiveOnline?
Learn more about BeehiveOnline with this short presentation
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